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Chain Reaction Crashes In Ocala


Every car accident is different, and some can involve many different factors and vehicles. One recent accident on Interstate 75 in Ocala demonstrates the complicated nature of chain reaction crashes.

On December 9, an older driver was reportedly driving slowly in the left lane of the interstate. A pickup truck driver—not expecting such a slow vehicle in that lane—crashed into the back of the car. Shortly after that accident, an approaching driver slowed down because of the crash scene and was quickly rear-ended by another pickup truck driver.

A semi-truck driver saw the crashes and pulled his big rig over to park on the shoulder and render assistance. However, a young driver lost control as he came over a hill at State Road 200 and crashed into the parked semi-truck.

Of all of the above drivers and passengers involved in these three collisions, only the young driver who hit the large truck suffered serious injuries. According to reports, first responders had to extricate that driver from his vehicle and transport him to Ocala Regional Medical Center. The older driver in the front of the chain reaction received treatment at West Marion Community Hospital for only minor injuries. No one else reported any injuries.

Who is Liable in a Chain Reaction Crash?

People may assume that only the first driver is liable for all of the injuries if a number of collisions follow. However, the negligence of different drivers can also contribute to chain-reaction crashes. For example, in the above situation, law enforcement officers cited three drivers:

  • The first driver for driving too slowly in a left-hand lane
  • The driver of the second pickup for careless driving
  • The young driver who crashed into the semi-truck for careless driving

When more than one driver causes an accident, you need an experienced attorney to make the complicated determination of who caused any injuries you sustained in a crash—and whom you can hold accountable. It often requires careful investigation and legal analysis to hold all possible parties responsible for any victims’ medical bills, lost wages, and other losses that resulted from the accident.

While citations from police can help prove liability, negligent drivers do not always receive tickets. You should always seek assistance from a skilled personal injury attorney who understands how to determine and prove liability in complicated cases. A firm like Meldon Law can help you pursue multiple insurance claims, if needed, including your own no-fault insurance claim. In addition, we can file legal claims on your behalf if the insurance process cannot cover your losses.

Our Ocala Car Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help You

The personal injury legal team at Meldon Law is committed to representing the rights of accident victims in the Ocala area. We have handled cases involving complicated accidents and multiple parties, and we have the experience to seek the maximum amount of compensation for you. If you suffered injuries in a car accident, contact us online or call (800) 373-8000 to schedule your free consultation.

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