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Bicyclist Killed In Hit And Run Crash In Gainesville


Bicycles are a great form of exercise, but as transportation, they can be dangerous. When bicycles and cars are on the road together, the bicycle is often the one that loses out.

A fatal bicycle crash occurred on January 10 on Archer Road in Gainesville. A man in his 30s was riding a bicycle behind a Kohl’s department store when he was hit by a vehicle. The vehicle fled the accident scene. The man was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.

Police are still looking for the vehicle, which is identified as a silver pickup truck.

Hit and Run Accidents

A hit and run accident occurs when a person involved in a crash flees the accident scene before providing information or failing to report the accident. A hit and run is not only morally wrong but also illegal. When a driver flees the accident scene, it can be a complex situation in terms of liability and insurance.

Florida has seen an increase in hit and run accidents over the past few years. Today, approximately one-quarter of crashes are hit and runs. The penalties in Florida may include prison time and fines.

When a hit and run causes property damage, it is a misdemeanor resulting in a $500 fine and 60 days in prison. When a hit and run causes injuries, it can result in a second- or third-degree felony. The penalties include a $5,000 fine, five years in prison, and a revoked license for three years.

When a hit and run results in fatalities, it is a first-degree felony. The driver’s license will be revoked for three years. Additional penalties include up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Hit and run drivers tend to be young men with a history of drinking and driving, with many having a high blood alcohol content at the time of arrest. About half of all hit and run drivers are eventually identified. Drivers are more likely to be identified based on factors such as time of day and daylight conditions. Interestingly, drivers who flee crashes involving young children or women are more likely to be identified. Also, drivers are about twice as likely to be identified if the crash does not happen at a crosswalk.

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Bicycle crashes are dangerous and they can lead to fatality, especially when drivers flee the scene and do not check on victims. Victims do not get the medical help they need.

Motorists need to learn to share the road with bicycles and others. Contact the Florida bicycle  accident attorneys at Meldon Law if you have been involved in a crash. We can help you file a lawsuit and negotiate a claim. To schedule a consultation, call (800) 373-8000 or fill out the online form. We have four offices to serve you: Gainesville, Ocala, Fort Lauderdale, and Lake City.


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