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Accidents Around Thanksgiving


While everyone wants to have a memorable Thanksgiving, you want to ensure that your holiday is memorable for the right reasons. You certainly do not want to remember Thanksgiving of 2016 as the time you got injured in an accident. Many accidents happen around Thanksgiving because others act in a negligent manner. In such cases, you should discuss your legal options for financial recovery with an experienced personal injury attorney. The following are only some reasons why many people are injured around Thanksgiving weekend.

More Travelers on the Road

Many people travel to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends in different parts of the country. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)1 reports that about 91 percent of holiday travelers choose to take their own personal vehicles. This leads to an increase of drivers on the roads, many of whom may be unsure of directions. This can lead to an increased number of crashes.

Increase in Drunk Drivers

Alcohol is traditionally a part of the days leading up to and following Thanksgiving, as many people reunite with friends from out of town and celebrate. Too many people decide to get behind the wheel after drinking over the Thanksgiving weekend, which can result in many additional drunk driving collisions. In fact, Thanksgiving is considered to be one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.2

Turkey Fryer Accidents

In recent years, dunking whole turkeys into large fryers has become a popular way to prepare the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately, using these turkey fryers can be dangerous if you do not follow instructions or if someone makes a mistake. You can also be injured if your fryer is defective or does not come with the necessary warnings and instructions.

Black Friday Injuries

Many people begin their holiday shopping on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when many stores offer significant price reductions and sales on electronics and other popular gift items. Black Friday has become dangerous for many, however, as shoppers have been trampled, have been assaulted, and have been hit by cars in crowded parking lots.

Call for a Free Consultation with Our Ocala Auto Accident Attorneys

At the Ocala office of Meldon Law, we hope that everyone takes the steps needed to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. In the event that you or a family member is injured by a drunk driver or in another type of accident, you should not hesitate to call our personal injury attorneys at 800-373-8000. We are here to help you following a serious injury.

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