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6 Injured In Daycare Van Crash


Car crashes can cause injuries, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. A four-vehicle crash in Orlando has injured six people, including several children.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of November 12 at South Alafaya Trail and Avalon Boulevard. A day care van from Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy was involved in the crash, which happened after the driver of an SUV suffered a medical episode. The SUV then crashed into the day care van and two other vehicles.

Six people were injured, including two adults and four children. All were taken to a local hospital. Three required basic life support, while the other three needed advanced life support. Nobody was critically injured.  The injured children were not from the day care van.

What is a Medical Episode?

It is not uncommon for drivers to suffer medical episodes while behind the wheel. These situations are beyond a driver’s control but can be scary nonetheless, especially for occupants of other vehicles who are unaware of what was going on.

Sudden medical emergencies may include situations such as heart attacks, strokes, seizures, diabetic episodes, cramps, excessive sneezing, and loss of consciousness. Should a driver be held liable if they cause an accident due to these medical situations?

It depends on the circumstances. If a driver was feeling ill before driving, for example, but continued driving anyway, and suffered a medical issue that led to a crash, then the driver can be held liable.

In any case, a driver who claims to have suffered a sudden medical emergency while driving must prove all three of the following:

  • They suddenly lost consciousness before the accident happened.
  • The loss of consciousness caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • The driver lost consciousness due to an unforeseeable medical emergency.

One of the key terms here is sudden medical emergency. This means that the medical issue happened suddenly, without warning, and without any way for the driver to mitigate it. If the driver had symptoms of a medical issue, but chose to ignore them and keep on driving, that could not be considered sudden and they would be held liable for any damages. However, if the driver can prove the three elements above, then they and their insurance company may be off the hook financially for the damages they caused in the crash. This is easier said than done, though, as not all medical conditions can be easily proven.

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Unfortunately, sudden medical issues can happen while a person is driving, causing a serious accident. It is fortunate, however, that nobody was seriously injured in this accident. It could have been a whole lot worse.

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