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2 Killed In Crash On I-75


Car accidents happen every day and even if just one vehicle is involved, it can still be deadly. Veering off the road and hitting a tree can cause a fiery and fatal crash.

Sadly, this was recently the case in Gainesville. A car went off the road and hit two trees before catching fire, killing the two people inside. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of August 26 on Interstate 75, near Payne’s Prairie.

A sedan was traveling north on the interstate near mile marker 380 when it went off the road for unknown reasons. The vehicle hit two trees and then caught fire. The driver and passenger were both killed in the crash. No other vehicles were involved. The accident blocked the northbound lane for some time, but later reopened.

Run Off Road Collisions

When a vehicle leaves the roadway, it is known as a run off road collision. These are single-vehicle accidents that are often deadly, as the vehicle continues going off the road. The result is that the vehicle rolls over or hits objects, such as trees. In many cases, the impact causes the vehicle to catch fire, killing the occupants.

But what causes vehicles to run off the road? The main cause is excessive speed. When a vehicle is going too fast, the driver has a harder time staying in control. This is especially true around curves. Speed can make it more difficult to stay on the road.

Distracted driving is also a common cause. When a driver is not paying attention to the road, they can easily veer off of it. That’s why drivers need to avoid texting, reading, eating, grooming, talking to passengers, and other distracting behaviors while driving.

Intoxication is another factor. Drug or alcohol use before driving affects judgment, making it harder to drive safely and avoid accidents. Fatigue is another huge issue. Driver drowsiness can be as bad as intoxication. A person who is overly tired should not be behind the wheel.

Road conditions can also cause a vehicle to go off the road. Rain, ice, and snow can make it hard to maneuver. Swerving can also lead to a run off road collision. Trying to avoid an animal, pothole, or other road hazard can do more harm than good, causing the car to go off the road before the driver has a chance to correct themselves.

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A solo-vehicle crash can cause significant injuries and even death if trees and other large objects are involved. When driving, it’s important to stay safe and focused so your vehicle stays on the road.

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