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2 Injured In Crash After Driver Goes Unconscious


When driving on the road, it can be scary to watch another vehicle get into an accident. What would you do? Some drivers might look the other way and avoid getting involved. Then there are people who act as Good Samaritans, doing what they can to help the victims.

After a recent crash in Fort Lauderdale, a man stepped in to help the victims. The accident occurred on the afternoon of September 7 in the 2900 block of Davie Boulevard.

A man was driving along the road in a pickup truck when he suddenly lost consciousness and crashed into a tree. Neighbors heard a loud noise and described it as an “intense accident.”

A witness was driving down the same road when he saw the truck veer off the road and crash. He and several neighbors went to the accident scene and started helping the occupants. The truck sustained serious damage and the two occupants inside were badly injured.

The passenger, an unidentified woman, suffered a severe leg injury that will likely require amputation. The Good Samaritan helped get her out of the vehicle. He also helped get the driver out of the truck. A police officer administered NARCAN to the driver, suggesting he was unconscious due to an opioid overdose. Both the driver and passenger were taken to Broward Health Medical Center with serious injuries.

This was not the first time that the Good Samaritan showed up at the right place at the right time to help those in need. Just a couple weeks ago, he was at a bar in Wilton Manors when a man placed a hand grenade on the counter. The Good Samaritan was able to escort the man outside. He held him down until police arrived.

Unconsciousness While Driving

There are many reasons why a person can become unconscious while driving. Some drivers have medical conditions that may lead to a sudden lack of consciousness, such as epilepsy or narcolepsy. In these situations, the driver has a foreseeable medical condition that can lead to unconsciousness. As a result, the driver can be held liable for any injuries they cause in a crash.

Reckless behavior, such as an alcohol or drug overdose, can also lead to a blackout. In this case, it appeared as though the driver was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash. He would therefore be liable for the damages in the crash.

There are situations in which unconsciousness can happen unexpectedly, such as seizure, stroke, or heart attack. The driver may not be held liable in these instances.

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Driving requires significant awareness and attention. When a driver becomes unconscious, a crash is likely. Occupants can get seriously injured or even killed.

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