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1 Killed In Crash In Dania Beach


Car crashes are common on Florida’s roadways. After all, there are more than 7.6 million private and commercial vehicles registered in the state, so you need to be prepared for the possibility of a serious car accident, especially during afternoon rush hour.

A car recently went off the road in Dania Beach, near Fort Lauderdale, killing the driver.

The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of August 17 on Interstate 95 near Griffin Road.

A man from Apopka was driving a Toyota Matrix on southbound Interstate 95 when the vehicle suddenly veered off the road. It went onto the shoulder and through a construction zone. The Toyota went off a steel support column and the undercarriage of the car hit a rock pile.

The driver died at the accident scene. The accident happened near Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. That area of southbound Interstate 95 was shut down for several hours. It was a single-vehicle crash with no other vehicles or injuries involved.

Why Do Cars Go Off the Road?

It is unknown what caused the Toyota Matrix to go off the road in this case. However, there are several reasons why cars go off the road:

  • Loss of control. This is the most common reason why vehicles go off the road. A driver may lose control of a vehicle by falling asleep at the wheel or by distracted driving such as using a cell phone, eating, grooming, reading, or adjusting the radio. A driver may also lose control by hitting a curb or something in the road, such as an animal, pothole, rock, or other debris. This can throw off the vehicle’s center of gravity and cause it to roll over.
  • Risky driving maneuvers. Aggressive driving can also cause a vehicle to go off the road. This includes risky maneuvers like swerving or going around turns at a high rate of speed. These quick maneuvers can cause friction between the tires and the road surface, causing the vehicle to tip or flip over. Vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as SUVs and vans, are especially affected.
  • Multi-vehicle crashes. When cars go off the road, it is often a single-vehicle accident. However, multi-vehicle rollovers can cause a car to go off the road in some cases. For example, if a vehicle is hit on its side and pushed over by the force of the oncoming vehicle, it may go off the road and roll, especially if it hits an object such as a guardrail.

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Car accidents can happen in a number of ways. Veering off the road can lead to collisions, rollovers, and more.

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