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1 Killed, 5 Injured After Police Chase Causes Crash


When a person steals a car, a police chase often ensues. Police chases often involve high speeds, endangering others on the roadway. In an ideal situation, nobody would get injured in such a situation, but sadly, police chases do cause injuries and fatalities from time to time.

Unfortunately, this recently happened in Fort Lauderdale. A police chase happened on the morning of August 28. The result was a crash that killed one person and injured five others.

Two teenage boys led officers on a police chase through Oakland Park after burglarizing a home Mercedes Drive and Westlake Drive in Fort Lauderdale. The occupants of the home were asleep when thieves stole the keys to their three vehicles. They drove off in the cars.

A police officer spotted one of the stolen vehicles, a Mercedes-Benz. A pursuit ensued, causing the Mercedes to crash near Oakland Park Boulevard and Powerline Road. Multiple vehicles were seen damaged along the grass and near sidewalks at the intersection.

Six people were injured, including a pregnant woman. All were taken to Broward Health Medical Center for medical treatment. One woman later died.

Broward Sheriff’s Office and Fort Lauderdale Police assisted at the crash site. Traffic was diverted for some time as law enforcement officials investigated.

The teens who stole the cars fled the accident scene but were later caught and taken into police custody. The whereabouts of the other two stolen vehicles remains unclear. It is also unknown what happened to the teens who were driving those cars.

When Police Chases Lead to Accidents

A police chase may seem exciting on TV, but it can be terrifying in real life. The drivers of the vehicles involved may be speeding, failing to stop at red lights, traveling on grass and sidewalks, and conducting other illegal traffic maneuvers. These behaviors can cause injury to others on the road. In some cases, police chases can have a deadly outcome.

There are generally two parties who are liable for causing police chase accidents:

  • The chased suspect. When a police chase suspect engages in dangerous driving behavior, that can be seen as a breach of that duty. The suspect can be held liable and sued for damages, including property damage, medical bills, and emotional distress.
  • Police officers and departments. A person who is injured in a collision with a police car may be able to file a lawsuit against police officers or the police department. While it may be more difficult to sue law enforcement officers for injury compensation, as there are specific requirements involved, it’s not impossible.

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Police chases can be deadly. Law enforcement officials need to know when to pursue a chase and when to stop one in the pursuit of public safety.

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