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Ocala Drug Possession Attorneys

If you are facing drug crimes in Florida, you may be scared and worried about your future. You have good reason to feel that way, as drug possession crimes are punished severely in the state. In some cases, you can even face state and federal charges. You could face hefty fines and decades in prison. You can be convicted of a felony and face long-term consequences. That’s why you need the right defense. With good legal help, you can protect yourself and your future. You can get your penalties reduced. Contact an Ocala drug possession attorney to learn more about the various charges you could face for drug possession.

What Can You Face?

Drug possession charges can vary widely. They can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the type of drug and your intent. Crimes involving prescription drugs, meth, heroin, and cocaine can lead to felony charges, especially when there are large amounts involved.

Possession with the intent to sell can bring even harsher charges than simple possession charges. The prosecution will look at evidence such as possession of a large amount of drugs—too much for personal use—as well as large amounts of cash and packaging materials.

When charging you with a drug possession crime, the prosecution will look at three main elements:

  • Illegal nature of the drug
  • Your knowledge of the drug
  • Your control of the drug

Types of Charges

Drug possession charges can vary from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the type of drug and amount in your possession. For marijuana, having up to 20 grams of marijuana in your possession would be considered a first-degree misdemeanor. The punishment may be up to one year in jail. The charges increase to a third-degree felony, which is punishable by five years in prison, when a person has:

  • More than 20 grams of marijuana
  • Up to 28 grams of cocaine
  • Up to 10 grams of MDMA or ecstasy
  • Up to 4 grams of opiate or heroin
  • Up to 1 gram of LSD

Larger quantities come with the most severe penalties. A person can face a first-degree felony if they are in possession of:

  • More than 25 pounds of marijuana
  • 28 grams of cocaine
  • 4 grams of opiate or heroin
  • 10 grams of MDMA or ecstasy
  • 1 gram of LSD

The penalties for a first-degree felony include 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. This type of offense also comes with mandatory minimum sentences, which will vary based on the type of drug and the amount.

Contact an Ocala Drug Possession Attorney Today

While drug possession crimes are not as serious as ones that involve selling or trafficking, you can still face serious penalties. Even felony charges are possible.

Protect your legal rights with help from the aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Meldon Law. We will work hard to defend your case and help you get the best outcome possible. Contact our Ocala drug possession attorneys today by calling (800) 373-3000.

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