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What is the Law in Florida for Using Blinkers When Making a Turn?

Florida law is very clear about this, and violation of failing to use turning signals properly can result in a traffic ticket. Below is a summary of the laws, for more information see, Turning Signals; Know the Law for Safe Driving.

As an accident attorney I know how important it is for a driver to follow these steps when making a turn to be safe, legal and to avoid causing accidents in Florida:

  1. Signal before putting on the brakes to let other drivers and pedestrians know what you are going to do on the road before you do it.
  2. Have the turning signal turned on continuously for no less than 100 feet before the turn.
  3. Make a turn only if it can be done with reasonable safety. This means that when you have even the slightest doubt about whether you should make a turn because of other oncoming vehicles, you should NOT turn. Instead, if there are no vehicles behind you, you should wait until the oncoming vehicle passes and only then turn. If there are other cars behind you, you should turn the turning signal off, continue on driving until you can turn around, have a turning signal turned on continuously for 100 feet before a turn and finally make a turn.
  4. I am local accident attorney Jeffrey Meldon and I strongly believe that public education is the first step in the prevention of and/or recovery from a serious accident. My office and I take pride in our work, and the results we get for our clients.

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