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The Importance of Pedestrian Safety


As the school year comes back into focus here in Ocala, parents will want to begin discussing pedestrian safety with their children. Ocala features pleasant weather for much, if not all, the school year. The weather makes it much more attractive for Ocala’s younger residents to walk to and from school.

Pedestrian safety is very important, and it should be discussed with children well before they make their way towards their classrooms at the start of the new school year. Of course, pedestrian safety is only half the battle. Drivers, who pose the greatest risk to pedestrian safety, are a factor outside of parents’ control. Therefore, pedestrians should emphasize constant vigilance when discussing pedestrian safety.

Accidents involving pedestrians are quite common in Florida. According to a recent report by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), there were more than 9,000 crashes involving pedestrians in 2015. The DHSMV reports that approximately 9,000 crashes resulted in nearly 7,900 injuries and 632 fatalities. Fatalities are more likely to occur when the accident involves young children, particularly ages 5 to 9. Parents help minimize the risk that their children will be victims of a pedestrian-related accident whenever they adequately and effectively discuss pedestrian safety.

Some basic pedestrian safety tips parents can discuss with their children include:

  • A green light does not mean it is safe to cross. Children, like all pedestrians, should develop the habit of continuing to look and listen for oncoming vehicles before crossing the street. Children should first look left as that is the direction from which traffic will first arrive. Thereafter, children should look right and then left again, remaining vigilant as they cross the street.
  • Crosswalks are not always safe. While crosswalks are designated for crossing the street, there is no guarantee of safety in a crosswalk. The child may see an oncoming vehicle but the same vehicle may not notice the child. Therefore, the child should continue evaluating the scene while crossing the street, always being aware of any oncoming vehicle(s).

Recovering Damages

Florida requires all drivers to carry PIP insurance. As a result, an injured party will have to sue the driver for all expenses in excess of the $10,000 covered under PIP insurance.

Pedestrians injured in an accident may have a right to receive compensation. The compensation is intended to help the victim recuperate expenses incurred as a result of the accident. Those expenses can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and Suffering

It is highly advisable for victims to retain an attorney when seeking to recover damages.

Contact an Ocala Personal Injury Attorney

Pedestrian safety is very important. Teaching children the basics of pedestrian safety may help avoid serious injury or death caused by an accident. However, accidents do happen. Whenever an accident occurs, a pedestrian should be able to recover damages. Here at Meldon Law, we are committed to helping our clients recover just compensation. Schedule your initial consultation by calling us at (800) 373-8000 today or send us an email through our online contact form.

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