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How a Bicycle Accident Can Affect Your Life


Florida weather makes it ideal to ride a bicycle for exercise, recreation, or your main mode of transportation. Unfortunately, reports indicate that Florida bicyclists are at a particularly high risk of serious injuries, as the state had a higher rate of bicycle crash-related fatalities than any other state during a four-year period of time.

Any bicycle accident is frightening – even if you are able to walk away relatively unscathed. However, when a bicycle accident results in serious injuries, your life can significantly change indefinitely. Bicyclists often sustain a number of serious traumatic injuries if they are hit by a car or if they crash due to dangerous road conditions or other reasons beyond their control. These injuries can often affect nearly every aspect of their life.

Medical Treatment And Expenses

Whether you are feeling pain in your ankle, you hit your head, or you cannot move at all, you should always seek medical assistance after a bicycle accident. Some injuries are immediately apparent but others are not and you may not realize the seriousness of your condition without a proper diagnosis. Not getting a timely diagnosis can delay important treatment and cause complications or a worsening of your condition.

Medical treatment in itself can be time-consuming, painful, and costly. Whether you must undergo a course of regular physical therapy or must be hospitalized for a period of time, medical treatment can affect your schedule or even completely take over your life. This is not to mention the extensive medical bills that you will receive for any type of treatment, which can easily be tens of thousands of dollars if you needed surgery or hospitalization – as many bicycle accident victims do. Overall, the medical fallout from a bicycle injury can cause severe financial stress.

Professional And Personal Effects

Your finances are far from the only aspect of your life that can completely change due to a bicycle accident. First, many injuries can cause substantial physical or cognitive impairments for a period of time or even permanently. Many people must stay home from work while they recover because their condition prevents them from properly performing their jobs. This can cause you to lose a lot of income, which can make keeping up with bills and everyday expenses difficult.

In addition, an injury may prevent you from playing sports or engaging in recreational activities like you normally would. If you are confined to your home and/or are in a lot of pain, you may develop emotional disorders as a result of your injury. This can affect your personal relationship with family and friends in many cases.

Contact An Ocala Bicycle Accident Attorney For Help Today

Because the losses incurred due to a bicycle accident can be so overwhelming, it is critical for you to discuss your legal rights with a skilled personal injury law firm as soon as possible. At Meldon Law, an Ocala bicycle accident attorney can review your situation and advise you when you have the right to seek compensation for your many losses to help you move forward after an accident. Call for a free consultation at (800) 373-8000 or contact us online today.

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