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The Controversy Over Chinese Drywall

Complaints about Chinese drywall in homes have become one of the hottest topics today. In Florida alone, according to CNN, there have been over 140 complaints of health problems and electronic malfunctions in homes containing Chinese drywall.

According to Broward/Palm Beach News, over 100,000 homes nationwide contain Chinese drywall, used by builders during the building-boom of 2005. The drywall is known to contain high levels of sulfur that US-made drywall does not. This sulfur is thought to lead to corrosive gas emissions which corrode electric devices throughout the house and cause health issues in residents such as sore throats, sinus infections, and other respiratory problems.

Lawsuits have begun to be filed over the Chinese drywall against builders such as Lennar Homes in Florida and manufacturers of the drywall itself.

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