Dogs to Be Put Down Following Severe Florida Dog Bite Attack on Child

A recent Florida dog attack has prompted local officials at Manatee County Animal Services to schedule euthanizations for two dogs. Some concerned citizens have initiated a legal battle to try and stop the euthanizations; however, Manatee County attorney Jim Minix argues that the dogs present a danger to the public. He notes that the attack was severe and could have caused death.

During the incident, two Australian Shepherds named Buck and Bill attacked a 13 year-old-boy who was riding his bike at the time. The two dogs had escaped from the window of a home in Lakewood Ranch Community on Christmas Eve 2012. They roamed the area until coming upon the boy, when they charged at him.

According to Minix, the boy was attacked simultaneously by both dogs, making it impossible for him to fend them off or escape. He tried to run away two times and was chased, knocked down, and dragged by the dogs. In total, he received seven severe bites. The bites were so graphic that they were not shown in television reports. The teenager has since undergone multiple surgeries.

Following an investigation, Buck and Bill were sentenced to death. Their owner appealed the decision but subsequently lost. He, along with attorney Colleen Glenn, argued that the age of the dogs combined with the fact that they had never been involved in an attack before indicates that the sentence of death is an overreaction. In response, Minix states that Florida law clearly states that severe dog bites call for dogs to be euthanized.

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