Another Fatal Semi-Truck Crash on I-75 Leaves Two Dead and One Injured

A semi-truck, driven by James Philip Handley, was headed northbound on I-75 when the truck swerved and went through the guardrail and median. The semi-truck continued into oncoming southbound traffic on I-75. The semi collided with a southbound pick-up truck. The collision left both people in the pick-up, Kenneth Lee Cohan and Jay Anna Cohan, deceased. The driver of the semi was thrown from the truck and remains in critical condition. The husband and wife died at the scene of the accident. The cause of the accident was due to a blown tire on the semi-truck. The accident on I-75 shut down the three southbound lanes for six hours.

Accidents involving semi-trucks are often times deadly due to the large size of the trucks. A semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds while a standard car weighs around 3,000 pounds. At least 5,000 motorists die each year in semi-truck related accidents. Drivers can drive more safely with semis on the road by staying visible to the trucks, treat semi’s differently than other vehicles, and do not pull over on the side of the road unless it is an emergency.

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