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Florida Scarring & Disfiguring Injury Attorney

Disfiguring injuries exact an additional emotional toll on victims

After any serious accident, victims can experience emotional trauma resulting from the violent event that caused their injuries. Some may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other mental health conditions as a result of their accident. However, accident victims who suffer permanent scarring or disfigurement are burdened with an added layer of emotional distress and trauma.

Each time these victims look in the mirror, they are reminded of the accident that changed their lives. Disfiguring injuries can not only change how the victim’s body moves and functions but may also permanently alter the victim’s appearance. Scars and disfigurement can leave an accident victim feeling as though they will never fully return to the person they were before a traumatic event.

If you’re seeking justice after an accident that left you with permanent scarring or disfigurement, contact the tenacious Florida scarring & disfiguring injury attorneys at Meldon Law for a free evaluation of your claim.

Florida attorneys who will fight for your right to compensation after a scarring or disfiguring accident

At Meldon Law, we’re committed to helping accident victims get the money they deserve after suffering from scarring or disfigurement. Our compassionate Florida scarring injury attorneys know the pain you’ve endured as the result of your injuries. We understand that no amount of money may ever make you feel whole. Nevertheless, we believe that those responsible for the accident that left you with permanent scars should be forced to pay generously as compensation for the pain you’ve suffered.

What are common causes of permanent scarring or disfigurement?

Examples of accidents that commonly cause disfigurement or scarring include:

  • Road rash, common after motorcycle crashes
  • Dog bite or mauling incidents
  • Serious burns from fires, chemicals, or exposure to electricity
  • Airbag deployment scars
  • Serious car accidents

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What can I do to get compensation after a disfiguring or scarring accident?

Florida citizens who are injured in a manner that causes scarring or disfigurement are usually best able to obtain compensation for their injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. While most car accident victims must rely on insurance payouts for compensation, victims of disfiguring injuries are subject to different laws. Normally, the state of Florida’s no-fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance program bars accident victims from filing a lawsuit for damages after a crash and limits them to partial recovery for medical expenses and lost wages. However, when victims suffer from injuries resulting in permanent scarring or disfigurement, the severity of their injuries authorizes these accident victims to file personal injury lawsuits.

By filing a lawsuit rather than relying on PIP coverage, victims can seek damages for such items as:

  • The full value of medical expenses and treatment
  • Lost past and future wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering

How will my attorney prove that someone else was responsible for my disfiguring injury?

Generally, legal liability only arises where someone had a duty to act in a particular manner towards an accident victim and breached that duty, which caused the victim to suffer an injury. Your attorney would need to prove that all of those factors existed against the individual who was responsible for your accident in order to obtain an award of damages from that person.

For example, let’s say another driver t-boned your car when he ran a red light after you had begun to travel through an intersection on a green light. In that case, the driver—like all drivers—had a legal duty to those with whom he shared the road to drive with care and to follow local rules and laws. By running a red light, an unsafe behavior that is against the laws of the road, he breached his duty as a driver to those who were near him at the time of the violation. By hitting your car while traveling through a red light, he caused you to suffer injuries.

Your attorney would prove these facts in court through the careful use of evidence such as the testimony of witnesses to the crash, any available surveillance footage, police reports taken at the scene of the crash, and the testimony of accident reconstruction experts. Your attorney might also use testimony from medical experts to establish the amount of money you have spent and will need to spend on medical expenses. Testimony from an expert psychologist can show the negative impact the accident and resulting disfigurement have had on your emotional well-being.

Choose experienced and hardworking Florida Scarring & Disfiguring Injury Attorneys

The Florida personal injury attorneys at Meldon Law understand how to prove these claims and obtain generous awards for our clients. After decades of legal practice, our attorneys have learned how to fight hard and win for Florida accident victims. Contact the committed and hard-fighting Florida catastrophic injury attorneys at Meldon Law for a no-cost consultation on your scarring or disfiguring injury claim.

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