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Turn Trauma into Hope with Our Florida Amputation Injury Lawyer

Losing all or a portion of a limb can change how you interact with the world around you. After an amputation, you might need help with day-to-day tasks, limiting your previous independence. You could be unable to work to support yourself or your family, or unable to participate in what were previously your favorite activities.

Amputations are often the tragic result of a motor vehicle or boating accident caused by another driver’s negligence. For those who were forced to undergo an amputation as the consequence of someone else’s mistake or careless conduct, financial relief may be available. The Florida amputation attorneys at Meldon Law have the experience and the determination to get results. Our clients and their needs are front of mind at all times as we fight for the recovery they need and deserve after an amputation injury.

We won’t ever pressure our clients to accept a quick, undervalued settlement offer; instead, we will fight to the end to ensure they get the best award they can after a traumatic and life-altering injury. Contact Meldon Law, the firm that the Florida Gators have named their only law firm partner, for a consultation on your Florida amputation injury claim.

Types and locations of amputations

Amputations are divided into two main categories: surgical and traumatic.

Surgical amputations

These amputations are carried out by medical professionals after the patient’s treating physicians have concluded that nothing more can be done to improve the condition of a digit, limb, or other extremity. Generally, surgical amputations occur because the tissues in the area slated to be amputated have been overcome with a dangerous infection, have experienced tissue death (necrosis), or have been irreparably mangled or damaged in an accident. In some cases, an artificial joint may decay, but a weakening of the bone surrounding the joint means that there is not sufficient strength to withstand a replacement of the joint. Without a surgical amputation, the patient is typically at risk of additional physical harm or even death.

Traumatic amputations

Traumatic amputations occur when, as the result of a catastrophic accident such as a car crash or heavy machinery accident, a limb or digit is forcefully removed from the body. Typically, the greatest threat to the life of the victim of a traumatic amputation is the potential loss of blood that can occur from the sudden removal of an appendage. When possible, the removed body part is located and preserved. If it remains in good enough condition and the accident victim can quickly reach a hospital or trauma center, the appendage can sometimes be reattached. These amputation victims may still need extensive therapy to reestablish muscular and nervous connections and vital blood circulation.

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Are there time limits on when I can file an amputation injury lawsuit?

All personal injury lawsuits are subject to a time limit known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the amount of time that victims have to file a claim for damages after an injury accident occurs. In most cases, victims of an amputation injury accident have four years from the date of the accident to file a claim for damages. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Meldon Law can help you gather evidence and prepare a claim to be filed well before time runs out.

What if the amputation accident was partially my fault?

We’re only human, and sometimes our mistakes can have serious consequences. However, even when you’re partially to blame for your injuries, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on filing a claim for money damages against the other party responsible. Comparative fault is a principle that can reduce the amount of damages that you receive from a personal injury lawsuit. Comparative fault states that a victim’s recovery from a lawsuit can be reduced by the percentage to which they were responsible for their injuries. Your personal injury attorney can help ensure that you do not receive more blame than you deserve for your role in an accident that caused you to suffer serious injuries.

Vital Help After an Amputation Injury in Florida

The attorneys at the Meldon Law firm have been fighting for the rights of Florida accident victims for decades. Our commitment to obtaining justice for our clients shows through every step of the case. Let us help you seek the compensation you deserve after an amputation injury changes your life. Call 800-373-8000 for immediate legal help throughout Florida.

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