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Florida Construction Zone Car Accident Attorneys

Construction zones introduce an element of chaos on roads and highways. Heavy equipment is regularly entering and exiting the road, and traffic direction may be inadequate. Construction zones often have narrowed lanes of traffic, further adding to the confusion and difficulty of navigating these spaces.

Accidents are a regular occurrence in construction zones. In fact, tens of thousands of construction zone car accidents happen every year, and thousands of drivers end up injured. When construction zones are poorly managed and dangerous, and this chaotic environment results in a crash, those responsible for making construction zones safe should be held responsible.

Seeking justice after a car accident in a construction zone isn’t always straightforward. In some cases, these actions involve a claim against a government entity. Claims against the government can be complex and confusing, while also requiring claimants to file claims on an even shorter timeline than claims against private entities.

Finding an attorney with the right experience to handle construction zone car accident claims isn’t easy, but the team at Meldon Law is ready and equipped to take on these cases. Our aggressive Florida construction zone car accident attorneys have been practicing Florida personal injury law for decades. We have the knowledge, experience, and determination to win for our clients. Contact the offices of Meldon Law as soon as possible after a construction zone car accident in Florida so that we can begin fighting for you.

Determining responsibility for construction zone crashes

Construction work zones are often lined with orange cones, warning signs, and workers in brightly-colored safety gear. In fact, there are official regulations governing how roadside construction work zones must be marked to prevent accidents, printed in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Even with these warning devices, construction work zones remain perilous for both workers and drivers. The American Road & Transportation Builders Association estimates that, on average, there are over 120,000 crashes in construction work zones each year. An average of 32,000 of these crashes results in injuries.

The chaotic nature of construction work zones can make it challenging to determine who is at fault for an accident. In some cases, other drivers passing through the work zone fail to follow modified speed limits or traffic cones, and this careless or reckless behavior results in an accident.

In other cases, the construction site management has failed to keep the site organized and orderly, allowing large equipment to enter the roadway without warning. The site could lack sufficient signage or warning devices so that drivers know what to expect when approaching the work zone.

When projects have been ongoing for many months, or even years, the roads surrounding a construction site may become damaged from the constant traffic of heavy machinery and equipment. When this damage is knowingly allowed to exist without any attempt at repairing it, the construction managers may become liable for accidents that are caused by the damaged road.

A skilled Florida construction zone accident attorney will be able to help determine who should be held responsible after you or your loved ones are hurt in a car accident in a work zone. Our experienced team will investigate the circumstances behind the accident, identifying areas of negligence and building a claim against all those who bear responsibility for your injuries.

What factors can contribute to accidents in construction zones?

  • Poor markings to indicate the proper direction or flow of traffic
  • Inadequate use of safety barriers or guardrails
  • Debris from construction sites that has spilled into the road, such as gravel or pieces of lumber
  • Confusing or misleading signage
  • Large equipment suddenly entering the roadway
  • Lack of traffic direction where signage or traffic signals have been temporarily deactivated or removed
  • Reckless driving through the construction zone by other drivers
  • Insufficient warning of upcoming disturbances in the flow of traffic

What types of evidence will be used to support my construction zone car accident claim?

As you can see, construction zone accident claims can be challenging to pursue. Many different parties may be responsible for the crash. In order to demonstrate the causes of the accident, your attorney will gather many forms of evidence in support of your claims, including:

  • Photos from the scene of the accident that display the hazards resulting in the accident, such as confusing signage or debris on the roadway
  • Expert witnesses who can testify to best practices on construction sites and the ways that those best practices were not followed in your case
  • Medical experts who can explain the extent of your injuries and the costs you’re likely to face throughout your lifetime
  • Accident reconstruction experts who will demonstrate how the accident occurred and who was responsible for it

Get Help From A Florida Construction Zone Car Accidents Attorney

If you’re seeking damages after a Florida construction zone car accident, don’t do it alone. Get help from the experienced Florida personal injury attorneys at Meldon Law. Call 800-373-8000 statewide for a free consultation.

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