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After an Accident, Should I Move My Car Off the Road or Leave It at the Crash Scene While Waiting for the Police?

This is a common question and one that many people are not sure about. Here is what you need to know about moving your vehicle after an accident in order to be safe and legal:

  1. First, if you are involved in a crash, regardless if you were at fault or not, you must immediately and safely stop your car and check to see if anyone is hurt.
  2. If someone is injured, call 911 to get help immediately. If the person is seriously injured and there are no major safety hazards, leave the injured person in the vehicle until the paramedics arrive. Moving a seriously injured person yourself could cause them additional injuries.
  3. If there are no injuries or only minor ones, you must move your vehicle from the roadway only if you can do it safely and quickly.

While waiting for a police officer to arrive on the scene, obtain the names and contact information of persons who may have witnessed the accident. It is also important to take pictures of the accident scene, if it is safe to do so. Make sure to also get the police officer’s name and the case report number for your accident.

If certain criteria are met, you may file your crash report online without having to wait for the police. Please read this article, Florida crash reports may be filed online if these criteria are met, to see if self-reporting of the accident is an option for you.

If you are injured in an accident, it is vitally important to seek medical attention right away and to contact a attorney to assist you. I will be glad to meet with you for a free consultation to help you with your case or help get you pointed in the right direction if it turns out that you do not require a attorney. Just call 800-373-8000 for help or more information.

For more important information, please see:

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