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$500,000.00 Settlement: Aggressive, High-Speed Driver Caused Head-On Collision

Our client was a driving on a curved road in a residential neighborhood in South Florida at midnight when he was struck head-on by a high-performance sportscar traveling at a very high rate of speed. One of the witnesses to the crash was a U.S. Army Officer who saw the sportscar literally “fly through the median” prior to striking our client’s vehicle. Fortunately, the at-fault vehicle initially struck bushes and knocked over a palm tree prior to the collision, otherwise the injuries to our client most likely would have been fatal. An expert hired by our firm concluded that the at-fault driver not only was driving very recklessly, but also failed to activate a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system in the sportscar that could have prevented the vehicle from swerving and flying over the median. Lucky to be alive, the client still suffered severe injuries to his neck and back that required surgery. A life care plan for the client was prepared by a highly qualified, well respected certified life care planner hired by our firm, and ultimately, the case settled for $500,000.00.

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