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$500,000.00 Pre-Suit Settlement: Failed Back Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury

Our client was severely injured in an intersection crash. She suffered two (2) significant “jolts” – the first from when she was T-boned in the intersection, and the second from when the original impact caused her to strike a utility pole. The crash caused highly painful low back injuries, initially forcing the client to undergo aggressive pain management, including radiofrequency ablations (nerve burning). Later, she under underwent two (2) level low back surgery, but neither the surgery nor the nerve burning relieved her pain. She has been told she has “Failed Back Syndrome” and has been recommended for a spinal cord stimulator and additional surgery. The client also suffered from severe crash-related migraine headaches and was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury by a Neurologist Board-Certified in Brain Injury Medicine. A highly compelling, emotional video was prepared featuring testimony from the client and her Aunt about the mental, emotional, and physical problems the client has faced since the crash. The case settled pre-suit for $500,000.00.

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