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$110,000.00 Settlement – Truck’s Illegal Parking Obscured the Vision of the Driver of a Motor Vehicle and Contributed to the Cause of a Crash

Our client was operating a motorcycle on the inside lane of a four-lane road, in the vicinity of a fast-food restaurant after midnight. An 18-wheel tractor trailer was making deliveries to the fast-food restaurant, and was illegally parked on the street, taking up the entire outside right lane next to the restaurant. The driver of the tractor trailer had numerous options as to where he could have parked other than parking illegally. The driver of a motor vehicle going through the drive-through lane of the fast-food restaurant had his vision obscured by the illegally parked truck and pulled directly into the path of our client’s motorcycle, causing our client to suffer serious injuries. In addition to securing a settlement with the insurance carrier for the driver of the motor vehicle, Meldon Law also obtained a significant settlement with the insurance carrier for the trucking company, based on the tractor trailer’s illegal parking.

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