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Broward County Auto Accident Attorneys

Broward County motor vehicle collisions can be devastating, leading to disabling and deadly injuries. Whether you were injured in a collision yourself or you lost a loved one in a traffic crash, an experienced Broward County auto accident attorney at our firm can help you to seek financial compensation for your losses.

How Does the Claims Process Work for a Broward County Motor Vehicle Collision?

After a Broward County auto accident, it is important to understand the general steps that you will need to take in order to seek full and fair compensation for your losses. The following information helps to explain the claims process:

  • First, you will need to file an auto insurance claim through your own insurer since Florida is a no-fault state;
  • Next, the insurance company will review your claim, and your auto accident lawyer in Broward County will negotiate with the insurer for a reasonable settlement;
  • Then, if the insurance company cannot fully compensate you for your losses (which is often the case with serious injuries), you will need to work with your Broward County accident attorney to determine whether or not you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the liable party;
  • If you can prove that you have serious injuries and meet the threshold required by Florida law to file a lawsuit, you can then move forward with filing a lawsuit against the party who is at fault for your injuries;
  • Next, your attorney can negotiate with the defendant and may be able to obtain a reasonable settlement offer before taking your case to a judge or jury; and
  • Finally, if the defendant will not offer a reasonable settlement, a Broward County car crash lawyer will advocate for you in court, and the court will determine what kind of verdict and damages award you may be entitled to receive.

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Timetable for Your Broward County Auto Accident Claim

If you are eligible to file a lawsuit because you meet the serious injury threshold, you will need to file your lawsuit quickly. Under Florida law, most auto accident lawsuits will need to be filed within four years from the date of the collision. While four years might seem like a long time, it is critical to remember that the time can go by quickly when you are dealing with an auto insurance claim and insurance negotiations. If you do not file a lawsuit within four years from the date of the collision, your claim will become time-barred under Florida law.

For auto accident claims that have resulted in the death of a loved one, you may be thinking about a wrongful death lawsuit. You should know that the statute of limitations in wrongful death lawsuits is typically only two years, and the clock will begin ticking on the date of death.

Learn More by Contacting a Broward County Auto Accident Attorney

After any auto accident injury in Broward County, you should seek advice from one of our experienced and aggressive auto accident attorneys in Broward County. You deserve to have a dedicated advocate on your side who can help you to fight for the financial compensation you deserve. Contact Meldon Law for more information about the services we provide to injury victims and their families in Broward County.

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