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When You Need Legal Support and a Personal Touch, Call Meldon Law


Meldon Law, founded by Jeffrey Meldon in 1971, is a Gainesville-based law firm specializing in personal injuries, DUI defense, and criminal defense. When you have an accident or an unexpected situation, Meldon Law is there to serve you with a free consultation and their core value for caring for their customers. Before moving forward with any case, they ensure that you will get the specialized attention you deserve and the best service available from one of their six distinguished attorneys: Jeffrey Meldon, Carey Meldon, Ian Pickens, Tanner Demmery, Maria P. Youngblood, and Yolanda Means.

The involvement that Meldon Law has with our community is outstanding. They are the only official law firm partner of the Florida Gators. In addition, among many community initiatives, Meldon Law hosts a radio show called Law Talk Live, which started in 2002 to answer legal questions from the community and is the largest legal affairs show in the southeast United States. They have also hosted a podcast called Meldon Law and Friends since 2020, where they talk about a variety of topics with other distinguished professionals from Gainesville and the surrounding areas. Additionally, Meldon Law has expanded to include Ocala, Fort Lauderdale, and Lake City offices.

Jeffrey Meldon himself is a significant contributor to our community by being a lecturer of seminars and classes at the University of Florida and surrounding areas for over 30 years. He has written three books, which can be accessed for free on their website, to help the community better understand various critical aspects around auto accidents. Jeffrey has been recognized by several awards, such as The National Trial Attorneys Top 100. He is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which only includes less than 1% of the attorneys in the country. Last but not least, Jeffrey started a weekly Scholar Athlete Scholarship in 1997 and has consistently helped athletes accomplish their dreams by awarding scholarships every week and recognizing the winners in a yearly banquet.

How did Meldon Law start?

Jeffrey graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and then went to law school in the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He had some good friends in Gainesville that he usually visited, so he decided to move to Gainesville in 1970 and, in 1971, opened his first law office. Jeffrey always had the entrepreneurship spirit, which was nourished by his experience interning for a highly successful stockbroker in college.

What were the main struggles when you were starting Meldon Law?

Jeffrey related how the early years of Meldon Law evolved into the vast impact they currently have on our community. When starting his office, without any recognition or customers, he would help any client who needed to resolve any legal case. He has always been involved with the community since his early days. He knew the Gainesville-based singer Tom Petty and organized with him the Mudcrutch festivals in Gainesville, which is clear evidence of how Meldon Law was founded on the core value of contributing to our community.

What is Meldon Law’s differentiation over other law offices here in Gainesville?

The main differentiator of Meldon Law is that they are local, and they meet with their clients in person to go over their case and walk them through the whole legal process. The best part is that the initial consultation is free; you get professional advice on your specific situation personally from Meldon Law. There exists only a handful of top-notch personal injury law firms in Gainesville and the surrounding areas, and Meldon Law is one of the only firms, if not the only, that will personally be there for you during the start and resolution of your case.

What are the most important things that someone should do after having an accident?

“Well, it starts before you have an accident; you should have good insurance because, in Florida, there’s no requirement to have any insurance that protects the other party. So, you have to get something called uninsured motorist coverage before an accident happens. I wrote a book called Buying Florida Auto Insurance that explains what kind of insurance you need and how to shop to get the best price.”

What keeps you enthusiastic?

Jeffrey Meldon has been practicing law in Meldon Law for over 50 years and is as enthusiastic now about his work as he started in 1971.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I love what I do, and I don’t find it to be work. It’s fun. And I would encourage everybody seeking a career to follow a path that they enjoy, because they’ll do their best work, and it will be something that they’re enthusiastic about. Go to seminars, meet and talk to leaders in your field, surround yourself with as much knowledge and as many good relationships as possible to help you grow.”

What do you like the most about your work every day?

Jeffrey explained how rewarding it is to collaborate with the people in the Meldon Law office who wind up being best friends in the pursuit of helping all of their clients and the community at large. “I love our clients. It’s fun, and we really get to be heroes for our clients. A lot of them have never had a lawyer before, and we’re here to help improve their lives. It’s very rewarding.”

Where do you see Meldon law in five years?

“We have almost 40 employees, and five years from now, we may double that with our dedication to maintaining quality service for our clients. It’s just not just growth. It’s how do we grow in a quality way?

Somebody recently asked me: what would you like on your tombstone? I’m not ready to go right now, but number one is that I cared about my family and that we had a strong family relationship, number two is that I helped other people, which includes all of our clients, and number three is that my legacy helped make other people better. Do things to enrich others’ lives and give back to your community.”


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