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What To Know About Hit And Run Accidents


Driving comes with a lot of responsibility. In the event of an accident, for example, you must pull over and assist others. Even if you hit an object, you should always stop and remain at the accident scene. When you fail to do so, this is called hit and run.

Causing a hit and run accident in Florida is a crime. Leaving the scene of an accident can be a felony if there are injuries, serious bodily injuries or death. A person can be facing years in prison and thousands of dollars in possible fines.

Why Do Drivers Flee the Accident Scene? 

Why do some drivers refuse to stop after an accident? For the most part, it is because they are doing something illegal and don’t want to get caught. Here are some reasons for fleeing an accident scene:

  • The person does not have insurance.
  • The person does not have a valid driver’s license.
  • The person is under the influence of alcohol.
  • The person is driving a stolen vehicle.
  • The person has a warrant for their arrest.
  • The person is in this country illegally.

In some cases, the person has not done anything illegal but has panicked or is afraid. Many drivers go into fight or flight mode, with many convincing themselves that the accident was not really that bad or that they only hit an animal, such as a deer. Their mind is so powerful that they can block out the accident. However, the reality is that the driver usually ends up hitting a person. 

Are My Damages Covered?

If you have the right insurance, your damages in a hit and run accident may be covered. Here are two main insurance coverages that may help:

  • Collision coverage. This pays for damages to your vehicle caused by a collision with another object. Even if it was caused by a hit and run driver you can still file a claim on your policy. Keep in mind that you will still have to pay the deductible.
  • Uninsured motor vehicle coverage. If you have this coverage, it pays for vehicle damage as well as lost wages and medical expenses if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance or cannot be found.

Contact Us Today 

Hit and run accidents can be frustrating to deal with. Make sure you have the right legal help on your side to protect yourself, since your insurance company may try to lowball or deny your claim.

The Florida hit and run accident lawyers at Meldon Law can help you with all sorts of car accident cases. Even in the most complex cases, we will work hard to fight for your rights to compensation. Call (800) 373-8000 or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation. We have three offices to serve you: Gainesville, Ocala, and Fort Lauderdale.


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