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Many Car Accident Victims Require Surgery


Any surgical procedure comes with risks of complications. In addition, recovering from surgery is often painful and can significantly limit your abilities, causing you to miss work and even preventing you from caring for yourself for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, a number of car accident victims will require surgery as part of their necessary medical treatment. The following are only a few examples of car accident injuries that may require surgery.

  • Compound fractures – While a simple broken bone can generally heal without surgery, compound fractures often need to have pins, rods, screws, and other materials inserted to hold the bone together to ensure that it heals correctly. In many situations, patients may need multiple procedures before they can use that limb again.
  • Traumatic brain injury – Similar to broken bones, many traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can heal on their own without any surgical intervention. However, if there is fluid or blood building up on the brain or if the brain is swelling, a person’s intracranial pressure may become dangerously high. Doctors may need to remove part of the skull to relieve the pressure and may implant a device to monitor the pressure as the patient recovers.
  • Internal injuries – Car accidents can often cause damage to internal organs or cause hemorrhaging inside the body. This almost always requires medical professionals to perform surgery to stop the bleeding and repair any damaged organs. In some cases, organs may be beyond repair and may need to be removed or a transplant may be necessary.
  • Neck or back injuries – Patients often undergo physical therapy, courses of medication, or chiropractic care to treat neck or back injuries. However, if these treatments are not enough to relieve the pain or allow mobility, surgery may be necessary.
  • Soft tissue injuries – If a person has torn any ligaments, tendons, or muscles in a car accident, they will likely require surgery to repair the damage and regain use of that body part.

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