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Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents


Many Florida residents choose motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation for many reasons. The feeling of being in the open air, particularly with the state’s beautiful weather, is exhilarating to some. However, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle crashes can be devastating, as approximately 80% of them result in injury or death. That’s why motorcyclists should try their best to avoid motorcycle crashes. They don’t have anything to protect them, unlike a car or other vehicle.

Motorcycle crashes can be caused by a variety of causes. Here are some of them in more detail.


Whether it’s the motorcycle or another vehicle speeding, going too fast is a major cause of crashes. It gives a driver less time to slow down in the event of a road hazard. An impact at high speed can be deadly for a motorcyclist.

Lane Changes

Again, this can occur with either vehicle. A driver of a passenger may switch lanes without checking thoroughly, colliding with a motorcyclist. This is a common type of accident, since motorcyclists are much smaller and harder to see. However, it’s possible that a motorcyclist could also change lanes without properly looking, colliding with a passenger vehicle. In either case, the results can be serious.

Lack of Training/Experience

A newbie motorcycle rider is more likely to be involved in an accident due to a lack of experience. Riding a motorcycle properly requires a significant amount of skill. It is a lot different from driving a passenger vehicle or a bicycle. Plus, motorcycles have a lot of power and it’s easy for people to take risks and drive them too fast. This can cause serious accidents. If you are a newer rider, taking a defensive driving or safety course may be a good idea.


Alcohol and drug use while driving is dangerous. Substance use decreases judgment and reaction times, making it harder for drivers to react to hazards and slow down in time. A person convicted of a DUI offense can face a variety of penalties. They can also be sued by victims.

Left Turn Accidents

Passenger vehicles that are turning left are prone to collisions with motorcycles because the drivers do not anticipate them. As a result, many motorcycles are hit when a driver is turning left. These types of accidents often result in fatality. If the motorcycle rider does survive, they are often left with life-changing injuries.

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Motorcycle crashes often result in serious injuries and death. That’s why motorcyclists need to be extra cautious when on the road. In the event of an accident, the odds are against them.

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