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Ocala DUI Driver’s License Suspension Hearings Attorneys

A DUI comes with a lot of penalties. One of them is driver’s license suspension. This is actually one of the first penalties a person will face after a DUI arrest. When a driver is arrested, they have just 10 days to apply for a DMV administrative review hearing. At this hearing, you can ask for the driver’s license suspension to be removed from your driving record. Be prepared with the right legal help. Contact an Ocala DUI driver’s license suspension hearings attorney who can assess your case, help you understand the laws involved, and help you get a driver’s license suspension off your record.

Why the Hearing is Important

The administrative license hearing is crucial in determining whether or not you can keep your full driving privileges after the DUI arrest. Contact a attorney right away after your DUI arrest. They can assist you at your formal review hearing so you can keep your driving privileges. You can fight the license suspension while your criminal case is pending in court.

What Happens Next?

If you demand a hearing, your driving privileges will be extended until the hearing can be held. This license is good for 42 days. It is called a “Business Purpose Only” (BPO) license, which means it comes with restrictions. You can only use this license for several main purposes:

  1. Driving to and from work.
  2. Driving to and from school.
  3. Driving to and from the doctor.
  4. Driving to and from church or other religious activity.
  5. Driving to “maintain your livelihood.”

Once your hearing has been scheduled, one of two things can happen:

1. If you win your hearing, you can get a duplicate unrestricted license from the nearest DMV office. That license will be permanent, unless it is suspended by the court.

2. If your suspension is upheld, your driving privileges will be terminated when your BPO license expires. You will have to serve a “hard time” suspension of either 30 days (for a blood alcohol content at or above 0.08) or 90 days (for a refusal to take the test). During this time, you cannot drive at all. Once you complete your hard time, you can then apply for a hardship license.

A hardship license lasts for six or 12 months. If your DUI case is still active by then, the license becomes an unrestricted Florida driver’s license. If you are convicted of DUI and given a license suspension, you will have to get another hardship license.

Contact an Ocala Driver’s License Suspension Attorney Today

Driving is a privilege that not many people want to give up, as it gives them freedom. Preserve this freedom with the right legal help.

Keep your driver’s license with help from the criminal defense attorneys from Meldon Law. With our help, you can protect your driving privileges. Call (800) 373-3000 to schedule a consultation with an Ocala DUI driver’s license suspension hearings attorney today.

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