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Ocala DUI Defense Motions Attorneys

Nobody wants to have a DUI on their criminal record. Such a conviction can lead to a variety of penalties. That’s why some people choose to have an attorney on their side who can help them with their defense—specifically, defense motions. Motions can exclude evidence from trial as well as provide other benefits. Motions are common and can be successful if done properly. Contact an Ocala DUI defense motions attorney who has the skills and experience to help you prevent a DUI conviction.

Purposes of DUI Defense Motions

A DUI motion does not always work, but it’s the most powerful strategy you could use. There are five purposes of motions:

  • Exclude unfavorable evidence
  • Prepare for trial
  • Improve the plea offer
  • Diversion
  • Dismiss charges

A DUI defense motion may challenge a traffic stop, the legality of a roadblock or DUI checkpoint, or the blood or breath results. Many attorneys will use a suppression motion, which will attempt to exclude any evidence obtained from an illegal stop. This type of motion seeks to eliminate all of the tests from trial.

Reasons for DUI Defense Motions

There are two main reasons why a person would move to dismiss their DUI:

  1. There was no probable cause to charge them with DUI in the first place.
  2. The way they were charged with DUI at the preliminary hearing was illegal.

Probable cause means there must be grounds to believe that:

  • A DUI was committed.
  • You were the one who committed it.

A motion could prove several things, such as you were not driving or that you were not intoxicated at all. If you could prove anything like this, then the whole case could get dismissed.

An illegal charge means that your rights were violated at the hearing. For example, if you were not given the opportunity to have an attorney present or you were not allowed to confront witnesses, then you could file a motion.

Will a DUI Motion Eliminate All Charges?

It depends on the situation. It is possible for a DUI defendant to face additional charges, such as possession of drugs or driving on a suspended license. A motion may not dismiss all of the charges, unless, for example, the problem is that you were denied the right to an attorney. However, if the motion is for a specific charge, then it may not apply to all charges.

Depending on the situation, you may or may not win your DUI case with a motion. It will depend on the types of charges as well as the specific motions.

Contact an Ocala DUI Defense Motions Attorney Today

By using the right motions, you can get rid of evidence, reduce penalties, and even get charges eliminated. You need the right legal help to get you a favorable outcome.

The team at Meldon Law will work diligently to file motions on your behalf. We can preserve your legal rights and help you understand your options. Schedule a consultation with our team of Ocala DUI defense motions attorneys by calling (800) 373-3000.

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