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Florida Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorneys

There’s no vehicle you regularly encounter on Florida roads and highways with quite so much potential to wreak havoc as a tractor-trailer or other large truck. Large trucks can clock in at roughly 70 feet in length and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. They frequently carry cargo that can be hazardous or flammable if spilled onto the roadway. When these massive vehicles are involved in a crash, deadly havoc can often result.

When you’ve been hurt in a serious truck accident, you’re left with thousands of dollars in medical expenses, lost wages from time spent off work recovering, and the mental trauma of suffering a serious injury in a violent crash. You need attorneys on your side that you can trust with your case. Our Florida tractor-trailer accident attorneys at Meldon Law have got your back.

Dedicated Florida truck accident attorneys who will fight for you

We’re committed to getting our clients the best results we can and treating them with respect and compassion throughout the case. Choose a personal injury law firm with the experience and stellar track record you can rely on by contacting Meldon Law for a free consultation on your truck accident claim from our truck accident lawyer.

What causes tractor-trailers to jackknife?

Jackknife truck accidents occur when the trailer end of a large truck folds up toward the tractor or cab, forming the shape of a partially opened jackknife or folding knife. These accidents can occur for numerous reasons, including:

  • Excessive speed: If a truck driver attempts to quickly come to a stop while traveling above a reasonable speed, the trailer may continuing traveling forward after the cab has stopped, swinging forward and jackknifing.
  • Slippery road conditions: Wet and icy roads can cause trucks to jackknife, and even though inclement weather may not be a truck driver’s fault, they remain obligated to drive safely according to current conditions.
  • Imbalanced cargo: Should cargo shift and tip due to improper loading, this can disturb the truck’s center of gravity to a degree that the truck jackknifes.

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What should I do after a truck jackknife accident?

  1. Seek medical attention: No matter how much damage your car has sustained, nor how upset you may be about the accident, nothing is more important than your physical well-being and that of your passengers. Take a moment to assess everyone’s physical condition, including that of others involved in the crash, to find out whether you need to contact emergency medical services. Even if you don’t think you need to visit the emergency room after an accident, be sure to visit the doctor as soon as you can after a crash to make sure you haven’t suffered injuries that you may not immediately notice.
  2. Call the police: When a motor vehicle accident results in injury, property damage, or the totaling of a vehicle, there must be a police report filed that documents the circumstances of the accident. While the drivers involved can file a police report, it is better to call an officer to the scene of a serious crash. The officer will be better equipped to gather witness statements, document the scene of the accident, and mediate any hostility that develops between the drivers involved in the crash. You can later obtain a copy of the police report to support a claim for damages.
  3. Take photos of the scene of the accident: Photos of the scene of a crash can help later establish liability for the accident. While it is important to recognize the presence of other vehicles on the road and to do so safely, take as many photos as you can of the position of each vehicle, the damage suffered by each, the existence of any tire skid marks on the road, and of any debris that was flung from the vehicles.
  4. Talk to bystanders: Statements from witnesses other than the drivers involved in the accident can provide invaluable support for your claims regarding who was responsible for a crash. Get the names and contact information of anyone who may have seen the accident. Pass this information along to your attorney, who can gather witness statements from those who saw the accident. These statements can serve as valuable support for your case.
  5. Call a attorney: Large truck and tractor-trailer accidents can be extremely serious. If your car has been destroyed and you’ve suffered long-lasting injuries, simply filing a claim with your insurance company might not provide you the amount of compensation you need and are entitled to receive. The sooner you contact an attorney after a crash, the more successful your claim for damages is likely to be.

By hiring an attorney right after a crash, your attorney can begin to investigate the claim and gather evidence before it’s destroyed or forgotten by witnesses. Your attorney can begin the process of negotiating a settlement with defendants sooner while preventing you from taking less than you deserve in the form of a hastily-offered but drastically undervalued settlement.

Our Florida Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help After a Devastating Jackknife Truck Accident

For knowledgeable, effective, and determined help after a Florida jackknife truck accident, contact the offices of Meldon Law for an evaluation of your case.

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