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What Exactly Does Florida’s Texting While Driving Law Mean?

The law was passed to protect the overall safety of everyone using the roadways. Texting while driving is a secondary offense. This means an officer can only pull you over if you commit a primary traffic offense and then issue you a citation for texting while driving. A primary offense is one that an officer can pull you over for; something like running a red light or speeding. The fine varies from county to county, but the base ticket is $30.

The law only applies when the car is in motion and not when you are at a stop light. The law also only applies to text messaging and not things like music, weather, and navigation use on the phone. Even those these uses are not prohibited, they can still be just as dangerous as texting while driving. A driver is taking his eyes off of the road to do something on his phone that is not worth the risk of crashing. This modern day technology has proved to be very dangerous. Teens and young drivers are especially at risk because of their lack of experience and amount of texting.

If a crash occurs and there is an injury or death, billing records of the phone may be accessed and admissible in court.

Meldon Law reminds drivers to never text and drive. It can wait. Pull over and send a text, make a call, or enter an address into your navigation. Don’t risk your own life and those around you while on the road.

To review the statute, please visit: 2013 Florida Statutes – 316.305 Wireless communications devices; prohibition

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