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What Are Some of the Myths Surrounding the Use of Seat Belts?

Facts are: the use of seat belts and child safety restraints greatly reduces the chances of serious injuries or even death in vehicle crashes. Additionally, on average, a victim of the traffic crash who did not wear a seat belt will incur inpatient hospital costs which are 50% higher than those for a victim who was wearing a seat belt. However, there are still certain myths that surround seat belt uses.

“I don’t need to wear a seat belt if I am driving short distances.”

Buckle up even if you are making a quick run to a store or a friend’s house across the road, since 80% of traffic fatalities occur within 25 miles of the victim’s home. In addition, three out of four fatal vehicular accidents occur at speeds less than 40 miles per hour. Remember that even if you are good driver who have never been in an accident, you might be hit by someone who is not!

“If I wear a seat belt, I will not be able to get out of a burning or sinking car.”

The possibility of fire or submersion under water in a traffic accident is very low: only one out of 200 traffic accidents that cause injuries entail a car catching on fire or being submerged under water. By wearing a seat belt, you are not only reducing a risk of hitting your head or smashing your chest into a wheel, preventing a serious injury, but you are also reducing a risk of being knocked unconscious and not being able to get out of the vehicle at all.

“If I get in an accident and I don’t wear a seat belt, I will be thrown out of the car and actually reduce my chances of dying.”

The chances of being killed in a car accident when you are thrown out of the car are 25 times greater than if you remain in the car. The force with which you may be thrown from the car can be so strong that you may land as far as 150 feet from your vehicle. The chances of surviving a landing like that are grim. Seat belt will keep you inside the car, reducing your chances of being thrown out of the vehicle, suffering serious injuries or even dying.

Remember: Seat belts may save your life. Buckle up, and make sure to remind others to do the same. Here are 10 other reasons to buckle up.

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