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My Insurance Company Says My Accident Case is a Mist Claim, What Does That Mean?

Excellent question if you want to understand or maximize the settlement value of your accident case. Here is the information.

MIST stands for Minimal Impact Soft Tissue. Insurance companies use this term as a way to classify accident cases. Generally, for an auto accident claim to be classified as a MIST, the insurance adjuster has “evaluated” the property damages and out-of-pocket expenses for the claimant. If the adjuster sees $1,000 to $1,500 or less of property damage to the vehicle and minimal out-of-pocket expenses for medical care and loss of wages, the case is marked a MIST claim. Once a claim has been marked as a MIST the claimant will be offered only a minimum settlement.

As a side note, remember that visible damage to a vehicle does not always reflect the severity of impact in an accident. For example, there could be damage to the frame of the car or other hidden damages that could adjust the amount of property damage and thus the settlement value of the case.

Understanding how insurance companies and adjusters work and the methodology of their computer models they use to evaluate claims is very important in being fairly compensated in an accident case. For that reason, the attorneys and case manages at this law office have advanced training on just this topic. Having this “insiders” information helps us present cases to the insurance companies and adjusters in a way that maximizes our client’s settlement value.

For more information on the value of accident cases, please see:

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