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If I Am Stopped by the Police for DUI, Should I “Blow” or Not “Blow”? Take the Breath Test or Not?

This is probably the most commonly asked question of any DUI attorney; whether to take the Breath Test (BT) or not. Here are my suggestions:

Yes, Blow if: you have had nothing or very little to drink. Beware however, your judgment may be impaired, and you may feel sober and still be over the limit.

Don’t Blow if: you have been drinking.

Other Information:

  • Florida law does not make it illegal to refuse to take the breath test.
  • Florida law does not allow for a police officer to request that you take the BT unless you are under arrest for DUI.
  • Which means, even if you pass the BT, you are still under arrest and are going to jail, the officer cannot un-arrest you.
  • Breath Testing machines such as the CMI Intoxilyzer 8000, are not always reliable and have problems, why would anyone want to risk a DUI conviction based on a faulty machine and unreliable evidence.
  • There is a better chance of getting the case dismissed if there is no BT result and a person looks sober on the video.

Why would you want to take a Breath Test if you are already under arrest?

  • If you have not been drinking, or have only had 1 or 2 oz’s of alcohol, the BT results may be in your favor for getting the charges dismissed or pled to a lesser offense.
  • There are additional DMV and Criminal penalties for refusing to take the BT, especially if you have previously refused.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Remember, once you are under arrest you have the right to speak with your attorney!

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: A DUI conviction in Florida is serious! It is a permanent lifelong record that can never be erased and can affect many aspects of your life and cost as much as $20,000 in increased insurance premiums alone.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: The best way to avoid a DUI arrest is to not drink and then drive!”

Remember, the only sure way of avoiding the lifelong consequences of a DUI conviction is to not drink and drive!

However, if it is too late, do not make another mistake – hire an experienced DUI/DWI attorney to represent you and do it ASAP, don’t wait! You can contact us today at 800-373-8000.

The experienced Trial Attorneys at Meldon Law are dedicated to preserving the rights of the accused.


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