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Do I Have Full Coverage on My Car Insurance Policy?

As a Gainesville personal injury attorney, I know that this is a common statement from clients coming to my office for help after being injured in an auto accident. For 9 out of 10 of these accident victims, what they find out is that they had only purchased the required Florida State insurance that allows them to drive on the road legally. Sadly, this is by no means “full” or even adequate insurance coverage and often people are amazed and shocked when they get this often heartbreaking news.

The State of Florida only requires a driver and vehicle owner to have $10,000 of PIP insurance which covers part of their medical bills and lost wages and $10,000 worth of Property Damage to pay for the other person’s car repairs, if they were at fault for the accident.

It is easy to see the problem, especially when the $10,000 of PIP can often be used up by the time someone leaves the emergency room.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: I strongly urge you to read my Insurance Recommendations and Tips and plan ahead and purchase adequate insurance coverage. It is the best way you can protect yourself and your family in the event of an accident.

Beware: Even if you are completely innocent in an accident, you can get stuck with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars of medical bills, loss of income, and a permanent injury. All of which can be devastating. Make sure you are adequately protected!

Because of this, Gainesville and Ocala car accident attorney Jeffrey Meldon wrote the book Buying Florida Auto Insurance – A 3 Step Approach to Purchasing Adequate Auto Insurance at Competitive Pricing.

You can request your free, no obligation guide book by contacting our office at (800) 373-8000 or filling out the request form.

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