Episode 23 – Asa Walker & Mendel Goldman

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all our fans & listeners! We have a very special faith-based episode of Meldon Law & Friends for you today. (Did you know there are two Easters?! Asa Walker tells us why!)

Asa Walker, Pastor of Community Development for Westside Baptist Church, joins us on the first half of the program. Asa Walker will explain the significance of Easter in the Christian faith, the difference between Good Friday & Easter, and tell us all about the outreach and missions of Westside.

Find out more by visiting their Facebook page, Westside Baptist Church, or website.

Mendel Goldman, a rabbi-in-training and son of Rabbi Berl Goldman at Chabad UF, joins us on the second half of the program. Mendel Golman will be giving us the background of Passover, its significance to the #Jewish community, and more information on the Lubavitch Chabad Jewish Student Center.

Find out more by visiting their Facebook page, Chabad UF, or website.