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Palm Beach County Personal Injury Attorneys

More than 1.3 million people live in Palm Beach County, and more than 6 million people live in the surrounding greater Miami metropolitan area. With so many people out and about at all hours of the day in this area, it should be no surprise that we regularly read headlines about serious accidents and injuries occurring throughout the county.

Whether you drive a car, walk, ride a bicycle or motorcycle, or take public transportation, you are at risk of accidents any time you travel. You also may suffer injuries at work, at school, while shopping, or in any number of locations around town. You can even sustain unexpected injuries by going to the doctor! No matter what type of accident occurs, it is always important to learn about your legal rights.

The law gives accident victims the right to seek payment for their injury-related losses if another party was at fault. At Meldon Law, we can evaluate your rights for free and guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering due to your injuries. We help clients after a variety of accidents and many types of injuries, including catastrophic and life-changing injuries. Please call our Palm Beach County personal injury attorneys today if you would like to discuss what happened to you.

Traffic Accidents in Palm Beach County

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 2.4 million people report sustaining injuries in traffic accidents in a single year in the United States. Even a seemingly minor accident—such as a rear-end “fender-bender”—can cause surprisingly serious injuries that require costly medical care. Many traffic accident injuries have lasting effects—on your physical condition as well as your finances.

After a crash, you should always seek medical help to ensure a doctor properly diagnoses your injuries and prescribes the right course of treatment. You may have to miss work while you recover, which can lead you to lose income. Lost wages combined with medical bills on top of the physical pain and limitation you experience can be overwhelming. The good news is that the legal team at Meldon Law is here to help.

We regularly represent clients in the following cases:

  • Car accidents
  • Large commercial truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • DUI accidents

We witness firsthand the devastating aftermath of such accidents, and we commit our firm to helping accident victims recover financially from their injuries.

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Other Types of Common Accidents

While traffic accidents are a common cause of injuries, you may sustain injuries in many other ways in Palm Beach County. We help with the following cases in addition to auto accidents:

  • Slip and falls – Whether you are out shopping or simply walking down the street, dangerous hazards may exist that cause you to slip and fall down. While you may not immediately think of a slip and fall as a serious accident, it regularly causes injuries that may disrupt your life. If your slip and fall happened in a store, you may need to file a claim against a large company, which can be intimidating without the right attorney.
  • Dog bites – Dogs are unpredictable animals. Even if a dog never attacked anyone, it may suddenly react and bite someone. In other cases, owners may allow their dogs to roam free, posing a risk to anyone they encounter. Generally speaking, Florida law holds dog bite owners responsible for injuries and losses that result from a dog bite, though these cases can get complicated and you should have an attorney who understands Florida dog bite laws.
  • Medical malpractice – We trust doctors to help us and you should not expect to suffer unnecessary harm because of a doctor. However, medical professionals can be negligent and can cause injuries and complications for patients. Birth injuries, surgical errors, misdiagnoses, delayed treatment, and medication errors are all examples of medical negligence claims. It is not easy to prove malpractice, however, so always seek out a law firm with experience with this type of case.

We handle a wide range of injury cases, so please never hesitate to call our office to learn how we can assist you.

How We Help Our Injured Clients

Personal injury cases can involve complex legal issues and adverse parties seeking to avoid liability. You cannot simply point blame at someone and expect to receive

payment for your medical expenses and other losses. Instead, the personal injury process involves many different steps, and our skilled attorneys can help with the following:

  • Determine whether another party or parties acted negligently to cause your injuries
  • Calculate the value of your claim, including any past or future losses
  • Handle any necessary insurance claims, including those against other drivers, companies, or with your own personal injury protection (PIP) or uninsured motorist coverage
  • Review any settlement offers and negotiate a higher offer when needed, which is often
  • Pursue a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf in Palm Beach County civil court

Handle the entire litigation process, including discovery, pre-trial motions, settlement negotiations, and trial if necessary.

Our attorneys go through this process with clients on a regular basis. We know that insurance companies can be difficult and often try to take advantage of unrepresented accident victims. Know that insurance offers are usually grossly inadequate, and you should never agree to a settlement before speaking with a personal injury attorney.

Contact Our Palm Beach County Personal Injury Attorneys Today

Dealing with serious injuries is challenging, and the idea of a legal case can be stressful. At Meldon Law, our personal injury attorneys handle all aspects of a legal claim to allow you to stay focused on your recovery. While you get back on your feet physically, we help you to get back on your feet financially. Our priority is to obtain the full financial recovery you deserve for your many losses. Case evaluations are always free, and you never pay a dime unless we succeed in getting you compensation. Call 800-373-8000 or contact us online for more information today.

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