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Lake City Fractures Attorneys

Broken bones, or fractures as they are medically known, are some of the most common types of injuries after an accident. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they are not serious. While some fractures only require a splint or case, more complex broken bones may require medical devices, such as plates and metal rods to keep the bones in place. In these cases, a broken bone will typically require extensive and expensive surgery.

Fractures can quickly rack up thousands of dollars in medical treatment alone and if you have been hurt, you will incur other losses as well, such as lost wages. When your injury was caused by another person’s negligence, our Lake City fractures attorney can help you claim compensation to cover these costs.

What Causes Fractures?

When certain areas of the body experience trauma, such as extreme pressure, it can be too great for the bones to bear and so, they break. Fractures are often the result of accidents caused by one person’s negligence. Recent studies have shown that five percent of fractures were the result of slip and falls, but these are not the only accidents that can cause fractures. Pedestrian accidents, car crashes, truck accidents, and boating collisions can all also result in broken bones.

Different Types of Fractures

Bones can break in a number of different ways. These may include:

  • Open compound fractures: Open compound fractures occur when the bone breaks through the skin, leaving an open wound and placing the victim at an increased risk of infection.
  • Closed simple fractures: The bones do not break through the skin with this type of fracture, so the wound is closed.
  • Displaced fractures: A very complex type of broken bones, a displaced fracture involves a bone breaking in at least two different places. The bone then shifts, so the ends are no longer aligned.
  • Non-displaced fractures: A bone may still break in different places with a non-displaced fracture but with this type of break, the bone only shifts slightly.
  • Transverse fractures: When a bone breaks horizontally, it is known as a transverse fracture.
  • Oblique: When a break shows to be in an angled pattern, it is known as an oblique fracture.
  • Comminuted: Sometimes, bones shatter when they break and when they shatter into at least three pieces, it is considered a comminuted fracture.
  • Hairline: While still called a fracture, a hairline fracture does not mean the bone has actually broken. Instead, it has only cracked.
  • Greenstick: Common in young children, a greenstick fracture also means the bone has not broken, but that it has bent.

Any type of broken bone can have serious impacts on accident victims and it is crucial to speak with a Lake City fractures lawyer that can help you deal with them.

Our Lake City Fractures Attorneys Can Help with Your Claim

After suffering a fracture due to someone else’s carelessness, it is important to speak to a Lake City fractures attorney. At Meldon Law, our skilled attorney can provide the legal advice you need during this difficult time so you recover the full compensation you deserve. Call us now at 800-373-8000 or fill out our online form to schedule a free legal review of your case.

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