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One of the first things a police officer may do after they have stopped you for a suspected DUI is ask you to submit to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. Officers use these tests to determine whether your BAC is 0.08 percent, the legal limit, or greater.

Most people think of the breathalyzer test when they hear of BAC tests, and this is by far the most common. However, an officer may also ask you to submit to a blood or urine test. It is easy to have concerns about your future if you fail one of these tests, but you should not. A Lake City DUI BAC test defense attorney can challenge the results of these tests and get them thrown out of your case.

DUI BAC Test Defenses: Breath Tests

If a police officer has probable cause to arrest you, a breath test may soon follow. The offer may administer these tests roadside, or they may take you to the police station to take the test. Regardless of where the test was given, the results of breath tests can be challenged. The devices used are not always calibrated properly, and officers do not always follow proper procedure.

For example, officers are required to wait 20 minutes before they administer a test, and they must observe you that entire time. If they did not do this, or they otherwise did not comply with proper procedure, it can serve as a defense that can get the results thrown out.

DUI BAC Test Defenses: Urine Tests

Law enforcement officers also have the right to ask you to take a urine test if they suspect that you were driving under the influence. These tests are not administered as often as breath tests because officers must obtain a warrant before they can ask you to take one. Urine tests are also some of the most unreliable BAC tests administered, as it is difficult to determine the amount of any substance or its metabolites in the urine. A lawyer will use this information to challenge the results and get them thrown out.

DUI BAC Test Defenses: Blood Tests

Blood tests are the most invasive form of DUI BAC tests, but a police officer may still ask you to take one. Law enforcement officers usually have to obtain a warrant before they can draw blood, but these tests are much more accurate than any other type of BAC test. It is important to never consent to a blood test, as your permission will release the officer’s legal obligation to obtain a warrant. You can also request a blood test after submitting to a breath test and if the officer does not comply, the blood test results can be thrown out.

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