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If you are pulled over by police and are given a breath test, you may assume the results are accurate, even if they show that you were over the legal limit. However, this is a very dangerous assumption to make. Breath test results are unreliable for a number of different reasons, including radio frequency interference (RFI). Many different devices emit radio frequencies, including the officer’s dispatch, car radios, and cell phones. These frequencies can interfere with the breath test and skew the results. If you have been charged with a DUI after taking a breath test, our Fort Lauderdale RFI attorney can help you beat the charges.

What is RFI?

To understand how radio frequencies can interfere with breath tests, it is first necessary to know how breathalyzers work. Contrary to what many people think, breathalyzers do not actually test how much alcohol is in a person’s bloodstream. Instead, they measure the amount of infrared light in an individual’s mouth. This light detects the presence and concentration of ethyl alcohol. This is an important distinction because RFI can affect this method of measuring. In fact, manufacturers of breathalyzers have been warning the authorities of this problem since the 1980s.

Smith & Wesson, one of the biggest manufacturers of breath tests, was also one of the first to bring their concerns to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). At the time, the manufacturer specifically pointed to police radios that were interfering with breath tests due to their radio frequency. Over time, RFI was removed from police radios, which seemed to take care of the problem. Unfortunately, it was only a temporary fix. Today, most people have a smartphone on them, which can also create RFI.

Breath Tests and RFI Detectors

Due to the problems that radio frequency interference can cause, most breathalyzers today have radio frequency detectors. These detectors will stop the test and print an error message if radio frequency is detected. However, many experts in the industry do not believe that these detectors are effective. Also, detectors have been known to be defective and police departments do not always inspect and maintain their machines in the way they should to ensure they are in working order.

The detectors were also mainly installed to detect radio frequency from the police officer’s radio. These devices have not changed much in the last 30 years, but the world has. Cell phones do not transmit anywhere near the frequency that police radios do and so, the detectors often have a hard time detecting the frequency from a phone. When the RFI is not detected, it will skew the breath test results and an innocent person could face charges.

Our Fort Lauderdale RFI Attorney Can Challenge Your Results

Testing positive after a breath test is very scary, but our Fort Lauderdale RFI attorney at Meldon Law can challenge your results and get them thrown out of court. Call us today at 800-373-8000 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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