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Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorneys

Protecting the Rights of Car Accident Victims in Fort Lauderdale

The city of Fort Lauderdale has come far from the abandoned military forts from which the city got its name. With a population of over 178,000, it is a principal city of the vibrant Miami metropolitan area and provides gorgeous beaches, shopping, dining, and boating opportunities for residents and visitors alike. It is a common destination for those looking to experience all that South Florida has to offer without the intensity of Miami proper.

With so many people living and working in Fort Lauderdale, it is common to see thousands of cars on the roads each day. Combine the existing traffic with tourists who may not know where they are going and it should be no surprise that car accidents happen throughout the city on a regular basis.

If you are in a car accident in the Ft. Lauderdale area, you should know what to do. First, remain at the scene if possible and call the authorities. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you suspect you suffered any injuries. If you were injured, you should call a skilled Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney as soon as you can.

The team at Meldon Law works hard to stand up for the rights of injured traffic accident victims. We understand how to seek the compensation you deserve under Florida law, so please contact our office today for more information.

Auto Accidents Can Leave You With Serious Losses

It is important to take the right steps to seek compensation after your crash as the losses arising from car accident injuries can be devastating. Car accident injuries can be relatively minor – such as a sprained wrist – or can be life-changing – such as a paralyzing spinal cord injury. Whether you sustained a concussion or suffered life-threatening catastrophic injuries, the costs of treatment can still negatively impact your life.

Medical costs are excessive in the United States and are only increasing. Any medical bills can cause financial difficulties, especially when combined with other losses you may incur. Some losses from car accidents include:

  • Medical costs – The extent of your medical costs will, of course, depend on the nature and severity of your injuries. Some examples of treatment required after an auto accident include emergency transportation and trauma care, visit to the emergency department, hospitalization, surgical procedures, visits to doctors and specialists, medication, physical therapy and other types of rehabilitative care, home health assistance, medical equipment, and more. If your injuries will require ongoing treatment in the future, the cost of that treatment is also compensable and an experienced attorney can help you estimate your future medical-related losses.
  • Lost earnings – Injuries from car accidents can force you to miss work for a period of time. Some people must take time off to receive medical treatment and visit their doctors. Some injuries may be so severe that they require a strict period of rest for days or weeks after, which is especially the case if surgery was needed. Other injuries may prevent you from performing your job duties – such as a back injury prevents you from performing your job that involves heavy lifting or physical activity. If you suffered permanent impairments, you may not be able to return to the same job and may have to seek a lower-paying position. All of these past and future lost earnings can be included in your car accident losses.
  • Intangible losses – In addition to financial losses, car accidents can cause many intangible losses. These can include the physical pain and suffering from your injuries, mental trauma from your injuries and even from the accident itself, loss of enjoyment of life if you had to significantly limit your everyday activities or change jobs, and for any permanent disabilities, disfigurement, or impairments your injuries caused.

Because losses can be so extensive, it is imperative that you contact the right car accident attorney who will seek the full amount of compensation you deserve in any way possible.

Insurance Claims in Florida

If another driver crashes into you, your first thought may be to take them to court. However, car accident claims in Florida are different from in most states. Before you can go after another party, you must first seek compensation from your own no-fault insurance, called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. You should file this claim with your own policy whether or not you were at fault in the accident.

PIP claims can be complicated and it is always wise to have the help of a skilled PIP insurance attorney throughout the claim process. The amount of PIP compensation is limited, however, and your attorney can identify when your coverage is inadequate to cover the costs of serious injuries and when you have the right to take additional legal action.

The Legal Process

If your injury qualifies as serious enough, Florida law will allow you to seek compensation from the at-fault party or parties. This can be accomplished by filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or by filing a personal injury lawsuit against them in civil court. The legal process is complex and requires that you prove the other party was negligent in causing your accident and injuries. This is a specific legal standard and your attorney should always have extensive experience handling this type of case.

Meldon Law has handled many car accident cases in and around the Fort Lauderdale area and fully understands the procedures, laws, and steps involved in the legal process. We explore every option to obtain proper compensation for our clients and we’re here to help you.

How Can Our Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorneys Assist You?

After a car accident, it can be difficult to know your rights or how to proceed. The Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys at Meldon Law can evaluate what happened and provide advice regarding your right and best options for financial recovery. Car accident injuries can change your life and you should not have to deal with the financial losses, as well. Call our office at 954-466-3604 or contact us online for a free consultation today.

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