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Florida Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys

The road can be a chaotic place. Predicting the behavior of other drivers is impossible to do, even though we might think we can. There is also always the chance that objects may fall in the road, as well as the possibility that an animal or child could suddenly run into the street.

In other words, there is no shortage of good reasons for Florida drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times while behind the wheel. Despite knowing the many dangers associated with letting their attention wander, perhaps to their phone or to a conversation with a passenger, countless Florida drivers are distracted while they’re behind the wheel. Our skilled Florida distracted driving attorneys won’t rest until we obtain results for you and your loved ones. Contact us today to receive a no-cost evaluation.

Even brief distractions while driving can have devastating consequences

These distractions can seem innocent enough. Maybe a driver thinks it’s safe to quickly check a text message from a spouse while on an open stretch of road or enter a different address into their GPS after starting a trip. It only takes a moment for road conditions to change dramatically, however, leaving other drivers with whom they share the road vulnerable to injury.

Distracted driving accidents can be very serious—even deadly. Drivers who cause crashes due to being distracted don’t have an opportunity to try and correct before a collision. This may be one reason that accidents involving a distracted driver tend to be extra deadly. For every 100 fatal accidents involving a distracted driver, there were 109 fatalities. Between 2015 and 2019, 14,982 crashes caused by a distracted driver resulted in 16,258 fatalities nationwide.

Getting justice after a Florida distracted driver accident

If you’ve been injured in a crash with a distracted driver in Florida, you deserve justice. The dedicated and effective Florida distracted driving accident attorneys at Meldon Law are prepared to fight all the way up to trial to ensure you’re fully compensated. Our seasoned and knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorneys understand how to obtain excellent results for our clients. Our team can help you and your family get the money you need after a crash with a distracted driver in Florida. Contact our offices today for a free consultation on your case.

How common are accidents caused by mobile phone use in Florida?

In the years since texting and smartphones have become ubiquitous, the number of distracted driving crashes has risen dramatically. Florida is no exception to this pattern. Florida was one of the last states to enact a law banning texting while driving. According to one nationwide survey, Florida has the country’s 16th-highest rate of fatalities caused by distracted driving crashes.

The true rate of distracted driving crashes can be difficult to track since police officers cannot check phone use in the same way that they can, for example, check blood alcohol levels. Often, police rely on the driver’s word when noting that the crash was caused by a texting or Snapchatting driver. According to the National Safety Council, however, distracted driving is now the third-leading cause of all accidents nationwide.

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What are some other distractions that can pull a driver’s attention from the road?

While mobile phones are the latest major distraction to draw Florida drivers’ attention away from the road, countless other distractions can cause a crash. These include:

  • Personal grooming – Florida drivers who apply makeup, brush their hair, or even shave (believe us, it happens!) are at least partly distracted from what’s going on in front of them. These activities all involve taking at least one hand off the wheel for periods of time, while optimal safe driving involves having both hands on the wheel at all times. Plus, drivers applying products on or near their eyes run the risk of getting these substances into their eyes, which can temporarily blind the driver.
  • Eating – Eating while driving can be very tempting, especially for a driver on a long drive. But this is an extremely unsafe behavior. When eating while driving, the driver runs the risk of dripping food on their clothing—food which might be burning hot or staining—causing an additional distraction pulling the driver’s eyes away from the road.
  • Satellite navigation or in-vehicle entertainment systems – In-vehicle entertainment and satellite navigation systems were designed to be easy for drivers to navigate while behind the wheel, but they can still pose a serious danger to the drivers using them, as well as those with whom they share the road. These systems should only be programmed hands-free or while drivers are stopped, not while they are in motion.
  • Passengers – Driving with passengers is not something that should always be avoided, but rambunctious or irresponsible passengers can be dangerous distractions. Teenage drivers are especially susceptible to distractions caused by passengers.

Our Florida Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys can help after a distracted driving crash

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a distracted driver, you need legal help you can rely on to get you the full amount of damages you deserve for your injuries. Contact the seasoned, dedicated, and trial-ready Florida distracted driving attorneys at Meldon Law for a consultation on your case.

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