Why Do Senior Citizens Need to Be Aware of “Drugged Driving”?

Florida, as a “retirement haven,” has lots of senior drivers on its roads. As an experienced Ocala Florida car accident attorney, I’d like to highlight the little-known risk of age and “drugged driving.”

Although older drivers are involved in fewer total car crashes, the number of drivers 65 years plus is expected to double by 2030. This means even more senior drivers in the sunshine state.

Older people are extremely susceptible to prescription and “over the counter” drug side effects because they often use multiple medications, according to a 2009 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study.

The study found that more than 71% of seniors reported using one or more prescription medications, and 68.7% used one or more potentially driver-impairing drugs.

Medications commonly used by senior drivers include anti-arthritics, muscle relaxants, analgesics (NSAIDS), anti-depressants, anti-anxiety agents, beta blockers, and anticonvulsants.

My advice-consult with your doctor and pharmacist before taking the wheel.

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