What is Super Fog and How Should I Drive in It?

Super fog results in driving in near zero visibility and is something every Floridian should be aware of and know how to drive in.

Florida’s record-high temperatures, drought conditions, and rampant Southeastern wild fires, create favorable conditions for “super fog,” a potentially deadly driving condition.

Super fog happens when smoke and ash mix with atmospheric water droplets, already present with Florida’s high humidity. This deadly fog creates an almost “solid wall,” reducing driving visibility to near zero. Super fog generally forms overnight and is present for the morning rush hour. It’s extremely difficult for forecasters to predict, based mostly on changing, local wind conditions.

Here are some driving safety tactics to combat super fog:

  1. Chose another Route. If super fog conditions may be present, listen to local weather forecasts, and take an alternative route.
  2. Slow Down. Super fog is especially dangerous when travelling at high speeds, such as on interstates or highways. Near zero visibility makes stopping in time to avoid a crash or obstacle nearly impossible.
  3. Low Beams: High beams may cause a blinding “reflection” off the smoke. Use low beams to decrease glare.
  4. Reduce driving distractions. Use your senses to detect potential obstacles. Roll down the window, and put down the cell phone.
  5. Emergency blinkers. If necessary, turn on emergency blinkers and pull completely off the highway and onto the shoulder.
  6. Avoid lane changes and use mirrors. Drive in a predictable manner, and use mirrors to detect traffic movement.

Super fog is not limited to Florida or the Southeastern U.S., but can occur anywhere when conditions are favorable. Floridians beware: In January 2008, a central Florida controlled burn near I-4 caused a 70-car pile-up, injuring 38 and killing 4 (NSC). As an Ocala accident attorney, I caution all Floridians take super fog seriously on all roadways, and especially when traveling on high speed interstates.

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