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What is Going to Happen if I Receive a Student Conduct Violation Letter from the University of Florida?

Q) Am I going to be kicked out of school?

A) The possible penalties of an honor code violation include Interim Suspension, Deferred Suspension, Suspension, Conduct Probation, Expulsion, Campus or Building Ban, No Contact Order, and Trespass Warning.

Q) Do I need an attorney?

A) An experienced attorney at the Meldon Law can guide students through the process, so you know what to do and say for your hearing(s).

Q) How does the process work with the university?

A) There will either be a formal or informal hearing regarding the charge. Depending on which hearing applies to the student, the process of meeting with the Office of Student Conduct will take place. There can be witnesses, evidence and a statement made by the student. The Dean of Students makes a decision regarding the charge and it is appealable.

Q) Can I appeal the decision from the university?

A) The student can appeal the decision made by the Dean of Students within a certain period of time.

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