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What is a “Personal Injury” Accident Case? Also, What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do and What Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney?

Here is an explanation: When you are injured because someone else was careless or negligent, you may have a personal injury case. A personal injury case can result from: a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, pedestrian accident, or if a person or business causes someone to be injured because a dangerous condition existed at their store or on their property.

Basically, a personal injury case or claim is just what it sounds like, an injury that occurs to your person (body), mind, or emotions, and not your property, due to someone else’s carelessness. For example, if you are in a store and a large box falls off a rack onto you causing you to break your leg and also break your watch, then you may have a personal injury claim against the store owner for your physical damage (the broken leg), but not for the damage to your watch; that would be a property damage claim against the store owner.

A personal injury from a car or truck accident is any type of claim where a person has been injured due to someone else’s carelessness. As with the watch in the above example, if only your car or truck was damaged, then you don’t have a personal injury case – however, you may have a property damage case. If both you and your vehicle have suffered injuries, then you have two claims, personal injury and property damage.

The law has a special name for someone whose carelessness causes injury or death, it is called being “negligent”. People, corporations, and governmental groups can all be held responsible for their actions or negligence.

When the accident was the fault of someone else, then the injured party may be entitled to monetary compensation (money), from the person who was careless. Before you are awarded any recovery for your injury, it must be proven that the careless person or business that caused the accident was actually negligent. This is called proving liability or responsibility. This is what personal injury attorneys do.

Attorneys who have experience in representing injured victims are called personal injury attorneys and they know:

  • How to gather evidence to support your claim
  • How to talk with the insurance adjusters
  • How to help you avoid the mistakes that can ruin your case
  • When to bring in the experts necessary to prove the true magnitude of your injuries.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Here are some further qualities of a skilled personal injury attorney you should be aware of and look for:

  • A skilled personal injury attorney will also help you prove your injury case even if the other party claims you were at fault.
  • By using investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and witness interviews, your personal injury attorney can prove who caused the accident and convince the insurance company or jury of what really happened.
  • A top notch attorney should have an in depth understanding of many different fields of study, such as: medicine, vocational rehabilitation, biomechanics, economics, engineering, and accident reconstruction.
  • Personal injury attorneys must also be very skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and have excellent trial skills in the courtroom for you to be treated fairly by the insurance industry.

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