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What Can I Do To “Drown Proof” My Pool?

As the state with the highest rate of unintentional toddler drowning deaths in the U.S. from 1999 to 2003, Floridians cannot be too careful about pool safety.

In the U.S., drowning is the second leading cause of child death, second to motor vehicle accidents. Statistically, 50% of children submerged in a pool, die.

As a personal injury attorney in Gainesville and all of North Central Florida, I urge the following pool safety steps:

  1. Fence, Cover, or Alarms. Equip your pool, old or new, with a statutorily compliant safety device, such as a 4-foot barrier or fence, a safety cover, house alarms. See the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act F.S. §§ 515.21-.37(2011) for specifications.
  2. Door Alarms. If your house is a barrier around a pool, make sure the windows and doors have sensors and alarms.
  3. Supervision. Always keep your eyes on children or medically frail seniors when a pool is present-even if no one is swimming.
  4. Arm’s reach. When swimming, practice “touch supervision.” Keep your child at arm’s length.
  5. If you’re considering installing a pool, wait until your child is at least 5 years old.
  6. Visibility. Maintain water in clear condition and remove toys from the pool when not in use (also avoids attracting children). An automated pool cleaner or fun-shaped thermometer (rubber duck) may attract kids too.
  7. Teach your child to swim when age appropriate;
  8. Keep rescue equipment (life preserver, shepherd’s hook, and phone) near the pool.
  9. When a child is missing, look in the pool first.
  10. Learn CPR and how to swim.
  11. Drain covers. Avoid entrapment by maintain pool and spa drain covers in good working order.
  12. “Floaties.” Do not rely on air-filled flotation devices to supervise your child for you.
  13. Prohibit running, diving, or riding toys near the pool.

Drowning may occur in a matter of minutes and can result in death or serious lifelong injury.

For more information on this important topic please see:

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