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My Teenager is Not Interested in Getting Her Driver’s License. Is This Normal?

Traditionally, teenagers couldn’t wait to get their license and wanted it as soon as possible. However, according to a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, only 54% of teens surveyed reported that they obtained their driver license before they turned 18. This is a significant change from 20 years ago when more than two-thirds of teens were licensed by the time they turned 18.

The 2012 study included a sampling of 1,039 of young adults ages 18-20 from across the country. For the 46% of those who stated that they did not obtain their license before age 18 they cited the following as their reasons:

  • Did not have a car (44%)
  • Could get around without driving (39%)
  • Gas was too expensive (36%)
  • Driving was too expensive (36%)
  • Just didn’t get around to it (35%)
  • Could do what I wanted to do without a driving (32%)
  • Was nervous about driving (30%)

The study also showed the sex of the respondents played no statistical significance on the findings.

As a father and Gainesville accident attorney, according to the current trend across the country, times have changed and your daughter falls within the new norm. For more information or if you have questions about an accident case, feel free to give me a call at 800-373-8000 – consultations are always free.

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