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I Was Just in a Car Accident. What Should I Do?

This is an excellent question as there are several very important Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow immediately after a car or truck accident and in the weeks following an accident.

Immediately after an accident:

Do These Things:

  • Report the accident immediately to the nearest police department (call 911). The police will conduct an initial investigation that should include basic accident reconstruction and the interviewing of witnesses.
  • Record the names and address of all witnesses to the accident (before they leave the scene) and take pictures of the accident scene. It is important to keep a disposable camera, notepad and pencil in your glove compartment
  • Wait for the Emergency Medical Service (paramedics) to arrive on the scene so they can examine you.
  • Go to the hospital or doctor immediately.
  • Notify your insurance company.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: A delay in getting medical treatment can hurt your case as well as create the risk of making your injuries worse. Be honest about your injuries, nothing will damage your claim faster than being caught in a lie.

Do Not Do These Things:

  • Talk with the other person’s insurance company until you have consulted with an attorney.
  • Sign any insurance company documents, papers, or medial authorizations without speaking with an attorney. (To find out more about tactics Insurance Adjusters often use, I suggest you read this Library article.)

Within the next few weeks after an accident

Do These Things:

  • Seek follow up medical care with a doctor who has experience in treating accident injuries. Be honest with your doctor about all your prior injuries and accidents.
  • Educate yourself, do your homework, on how to select the best attorney for your case, one who can effectively represent you.
  • Consult an experienced personal injury attorney about your case, if you are injured.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Be honest with your attorney, your attorney needs to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about your case to properly represent you!

  • After consulting with your attorney, submit the forms necessary to get your medical bills and lost wages paid. Your attorney will help you with this.
  • Refer insurance company calls to your attorney.
  • Take notes before your doctor’s appointment so you can be sure your doctor accurately documents your progress in your medical records.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: You may want to write it down before hand and give it to your doctor at your office visit.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: If the information is not in your medical chart, it is difficult to prove your injury.

  • Follow your doctor’s advice regarding your treatment.
  • Make sure your doctor knows if your injuries are affecting your ability to work.
  • Keep track of all the medical treatments, visits, and procedures you received after your injury, make a file with dates.

Do Not Do These Things!

  • Exaggerate or minimize the extent of your injuries or symptoms to your doctor.
  • Hide information from your attorney.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Your Florida car accident attorney needs to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about your case to properly and successfully represent you!

  • Sign anything without consulting your attorney.
  • Talk with your doctor about your lawsuit or your attorney’s advice.
  • Stop your medical treatment too soon.

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We at Meldon Law strongly believe that public education is the first step in the prevention of an accident or in the recovery from one.

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