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I Was Just Bitten by My Neighbor’s Dog. The Dog Had Never Bitten Anyone Before, Is the Owner Responsible?

States have different laws regarding responsibility for dog bites.

Some states have a rule that a person is not responsible the first time their dog bites someone, since they didn’t have prior knowledge. Florida is different. In Florida, even if it is the first bite, the dog owner is responsible. This concept is called, “strict liability”.

If you are bitten by a dog you can be compensated for:

  • Your medical bills,
  • Your pain and suffering,
  • Any disfigurement or scaring cause by the bite
  • Any psychological trauma caused by the attack

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: If you own a dog, make sure you have a homeowner’s policy or renters insurance that covers dog bites. Many homeowner’s policies exclude liability coverage related to dog bites, others will exclude coverage based on the breed.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: “Don’t hide your dog from your insurance agent. Find out if you are protected and if your dog is a breed that is covered.”

Something to be aware of is: If you or your child are mauled by someone else’s dog, you may never see a penny because your own homeowner’s policy will not cover you for someone else’s negligence; Florida has limits regarding victims’ rights to go after assets of people.

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